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After measurements establishing floor possibilities, and customer requirements, official quotes will be emailed.

Services 1
Tawa Floor 3 coats Satin Finish after lino lifted.

Prices are generally based on a per metre basis, but will be influenced by:
  • Floor condition
  • Floor Area
  • Customers' special requirements
Customer Requirements
  • The floor area to be sanded is to be cleared of all furniture
  • If there are staples tacks and smoothedge on the floor, these are to be removed. A quotation for this can be given.
  • Painting and Decorating is best completed before commencement of the floor to reduce the possibility of damage to the floor after completion.
  • The final coat on skirting boards is recommended after completion of the floor.
  • It is advisable with new kitchens to leave kick boards off until the floor is completed to prevent them adhering to it due to the polyurethane.
Services 3
Matai Gloss x3 coats